Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Beat the heat with a cooling head to toe cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy

WHAT: A process to cool the skin's surface.

WHERE: Cryo Health, The Boulevard 1 at Emirates Towers, 050 923 0928, www.cryo-health.com.

HOW LONG: Three minutes.

HOW MUCH: Dhs400.

THE TREATMENT: Whole Body Cryotherapy is the process of cooling the skin's surface from neck down for two to three minutes by standing in a specially designed open-top cubicle that pumps out ice-cold air. This triggers a natural regeneration process that is said to energise and revitalise the body. The treatment's temporary cooling action stimulates the immediate increase of adrenaline, which enhances blood circulation and accelerates the delivery of oxygen throughout the body. Thankfully, it's not anywhere near as painful as jumping into an ice bath (the old-school method of aiding muscle repair), and, as it only last three minutes, it's quite bearable.
All I had to do was stand in the cubicle in a pair of towelling socks with my arms in the air, trying to convince myself that I wasn't really freezing my skin to between -120 and -160 degrees Celsius. Brrrr!

RESULTS: This treatment certainly wakes up the senses and is an intensely effective way to cool down in the UAE's soaring temperatures. If you're a gym junkie prone to severe muscle ache, give it a go.

Try this treatment if your muscles feel sore after a hectic week at work.

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