Whoa! Nick Jonas Admits Too Many Weddings ‘Got On His Nerves’

You weren’t the only one who wondered when the Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra festivities would get over!
Whoa! Nick Jonas Admits Too Many Weddings ‘Got On His Nerves’
Pictures from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas's wedding

Lie detectors never lie! And the Jonas Brothers perhaps made a mistake when they decided to appear on a reality show where lie detectors were used.

Nick Jonas recently appeared on the reality show, The Late Late Show With James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment. Nick was joined in the car by his two brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas. Corden hooked up all the brothers with a lie detector machine and asked them some really uncomfortable questions.

Out of all the questions asked, one was directed at Nick where he was asked if so many wedding ceremonies with Priyanka Chopra got on his nerves!

The answer, shockingly was a, "yes". He also indicated that it got on his nerves when he got to know about the bill that resulted from all the ceremonies! It was declared to be a truth as per the lie detector.

This is what happened:

Corden asked Joe is any of his brothers’ wives get on his nerves and he said no. It was revealed to be a lie. Kevin was left in splits at his confession while Nick looked embarrassed. No brownie points for guessing who he was talking about.

He then asked Kevin if at any point during Nick’s wedding festivities he thought to himself ‘how much longer is this gonna take’. Kevin confessed that he did. The host then asked Nick the big question. “Was there a point during your many weddings that you thought I am done with these weddings. “Yes,” Nick simply said as other roared with laughter. “It was when I looked at the bills,” he added.

Here is the video of the episode, watch it yourself.

Wonder what Priyanka Chopra will be thinking after watching the episode!