Who is the Pretty Girl in Ranbir Kapoor's Ad?

Who is the Pretty Girl in Ranbir Kapoor's Ad?

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Who is the Pretty Girl in Ranbir Kapoor's Ad?

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Everybody has been talking about the girl with Ranbir Kapoor in the scooter ad. The girl for whom Ranbir Kapoor has to give a ride to the little brother and then offer the father a ride too. Well, the name of the girl is Erika Packard. She is the daughter of yesteryears Bollywood villain Gavin Packard.

Gavin played the villain in numerous films even though he was mainly used for his body and action scenes. Erika has a lovely face and she seems to be on her way to Bollywood to become an actor. If you follow her instagram account, you will know that the girl has some amazing style sense as well. When she was shooting with Ranbir Kapoor, she captioned it saying that Ranbir was her "TVC boyfriend" and that she "could get used to this".

Of course, we could get more used to her also. But that is not all, there is one more thing that many do not know about her. She is rumoured to be the girlfriend of Siddhant Kapoor, the son of Shakti Kapoor and the brother of Shraddha Kapoor. We do not know if they are still dating or not but this is for sure that she is the prettiest girl around town.