Who is the New 12-Year-Old in Ajay Devgn’s Life?
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Who is the New 12-Year-Old in Ajay Devgn’s Life?

She is almost the same age as his daughter Nysa

Bollywood actor and director Ajay Devgn has been hanging around with a 12-year-old pre-teen these days. She goes by the name of Abigail Eames and cannot be any more English than her name suggests! Devgn who is busy working on his next directorial venture Shivaay, plays Abigail’s reel dad in the film, which is also her Bollywood debut film.

The young British actress plays his daughter, Guara, in the film.

Abigail is a familiar face back in Britain, having appeared as Issy Pettitt in the 2013 TV series, Lawless, which was a backstage pass to the inner working of a British court. A year later, she was a part of Harry & Paul's Story of the 2s, a spoof on the channel. She was also seen as Gracie in Alleycats, a thriller set in the world of illegal bike racing, reported an article in Mumbai Mirror.

Shivaay is currently being shot in Bulgaria, a tough shoot in the rocky mountains of the Bulgarian countryside. The team enjoyed a well deserved off from work this week and Ajay took the unit up the mountains for some ice-skating and snowboarding. The actor does seem very happy to be playing dad to Abigail!

Who is the New 12-Year-Old in Ajay Devgn’s Life?

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