Who is the Mystery Man in Mallika Sherawat's Life?
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Who is the Mystery Man in Mallika Sherawat's Life?

The actress was recently snapped in Goa with a mystery man we don't know about

The lst time Mallika Sherawat was really spoken about was during the red carpet walk at the Cannes Film Festival when Mallika made sure she flaunted the hugely expensive Boucheron neckpiece worth two million dollars around her delicate neck! 

Boy! Wasn't she the talk of the town then, competing neck to neck with industry bigwigs and A-listers like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif! The sultry siren has prety much maintained a low profile since then, though her social media accounts show her jetsetting about to various exotic locales, only we're not so sure for what!

But this time, we're interested in the diva's recent picture published in Mid Day where she was clicked in Goa with a mystery man. Apparently, Mallika isn't revealing who he is, though he's been tailing her around the laid back beaches of the coastal state. Now that there's no Boucheron necklace around her neck, we're overlooking the possibility of this man being her bodyguard, unless of course she's hired him to protect that fabulous body of hers!

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