Who is Priya Runchal? Seven Things to Know About John Abraham's Wife

Who is Priya Runchal? Seven Things to Know About John Abraham's Wife

Here's what you need to know about the new star wife - John Abraham's better half Priya Runchal

So everyone knows that John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and Priya RUnchal used to work out at the same gym and that's where the now-married couple first met each other in 2010. Post-breakup with longtime girlfriend Bipasha, John was soon being spotted out and about with Priya, though he never talked much about their relationship. Even the John-Priya marriage news was revealed in typical subtle fashion, via a tweet. Which has led to everyone wondering - who is Priya Runchal? Read on to find out more about her...   

1. Priya Runchal was born in Los Angeles
Mrs John Abraham's deffo got an LA connect! Not only did she start life and grow up there, it's also where she studied law - Priya got her degree at the University of California Los Angeles (USA).

2. Priya's family is from Himachal Pradesh
Though they've been based in the US, the Runchals are originally from Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Priya's pretty academic
An investment banker and financial analyst, Priya's a smart girl. She's done her MBA in London and is pursuing further higher studies in the US.

4. Priya doesn't really follow Bollywood
Shoojit Sircar, who directed John in Madras Cafe and also directed Vicky Donor (that John produced), described Priya as a "friendly girl who likes her own space" and "admits she doesn't know too many names from the film industry. Movies are new to her."

5. John's family adores Priya
"Whenever Priya was in Mumbai -- she worked here for a long time -- she would always drop by to see us. She is an intelligent girl and a good match for John," John's dad dished.  

6. Priya and John's wedding was pre-planned!
It might have seemed like a sudden marriage but in fact the couple had been planning the wedding for a while. John and Priya's families knew that it was going to be a "New Year wedding" as did some of his friends in Bollywood.

7. Why Priya and John had a registered marriage
No big fat Indian wedding for this couple. They had a registered marriage followed by a small celebration in West LA with the bride's family and friends attending. As they come from secular families (John's dad is Christian and his mum is Parsi), a court marriage seemed perfect to them.

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