White Perfect Double Pump Eye

White Perfect Double Pump Eye

Fight dark circles and spots around the eyes

For a targeted action against dark skin spots, and to provide a fairer, more even complexion, L'Oral Paris created the White Perfect range.

This range is enriched with: Melanin-BlockTM , a powerful whitening agent which acts to regulate the production of melanin; lactic acid, a 'soft peeling' agent to remove dark dead cells and reveal a more luminous and transparent complexion; vitamin C, to help slow down skin darkening; and Micro White Pearls, which act as light reflectors, to make your skin appear fairer.

With so many customers expressing increasing concern about the delicate eye area, L'Oral Paris is introducing White Perfect Double Pump Eye, designed to fight dark circles and spots around the eyes.

With one application, the under eye area is immediately fairer thanks to the Flashwhite technology. The product also contains rich Peptido Complex, known to help blood circulation by eliminating blood waste and reducing the iron pigments that cause darkening the under eye.