White ants eating into Hrithik's pocket
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White ants eating into Hrithik's pocket

Leaving home is costing him a lot

When Susanne Roshan moved out of her home to go and stay with her parents, there was widespread speculation about trouble in her marriage. Subsequently husband Hrithik joined her and they shifted to J W Marriott Hotel in Juhu.

Susanne also clarified that the reason for her leaving home was not marital discord but termites which had invaded their house and now pest control and some renovation is being carried out.

But staying at a five-star hotel is proving to be an expensive deal. The couple, their two sons and 4 helpers (2 nurses + 2 maids) are said to be running up a bill of rupees 2.5 lakhs per day.

Hrithik wanted to have his privacy and hence booked five suites in the hotel.
It is expected that the Roshans will stay at the hotel for one more month.

Incidentally, Hrithik was unhappy with the super soft mattress he was sleeping on so he got it changed with a firmer one.

Considering he's giving the hotel such good business, it's no surprise they are looking after him well.

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