When Shabana Azmi Made Javed Akhtar Cry...
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When Shabana Azmi Made Javed Akhtar Cry...

This is no small deal

Senior actor Shabana Azmi is feeling rather befuddled by the way people have reacted to her work in the film Neerja, where she played actor Sonam Kapoor’s mother.

While she is elated with the response that her performance has garnered, she finds it strange that having worked for so many years nobody has reacted in such an impassioned way to her craft. She says, “Everybody is coming  to me and talking to me only about this film. They say, ‘Aapne rula diya’ and I am not sure if I am supposed to feel happy about that.  Everybody is reacting strongly to this film and reacting to my work like never before. It makes me wonder kya main chaalis saal se jhak maar rahi thi. People are suddenly feeling like I have done a wonder.”

Azmi herself could not help crying while watching the film. Even her husband poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar could not stop crying, she maintains. “He cried when he watched the film during the trial and then he cried again in the theatre when he watched the film for the second time.”



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