When Salman Khan Met Narendra Modi: Kite-flying, Undhiyu and Politics
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When Salman Khan Met Narendra Modi: Kite-flying, Undhiyu and Politics

Salman Khan's all praise for Narendra Modi but he'll still be voting for the Congress

Salman Khan's not known for his diplomacy but the superstar was super-tactful while being super-charming as he attended a kite flying festival in Ahmedabad on 14 January with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Trust Salman, who was promoting his up-for-release Jai Ho, to praise the BJP's Modi even as he said that he would still be voting for the Congress!  

"God will decide who is the best man for the country. May the best man win. The best man of the country for all of us and for India should be the PM of this country," Salman said at the fest.

But did Salman come right out and say that Modi was the best man for the job? No, he called Modi a "good man" adding that the politician "should be able to fulfil his destiny." Clever side-step!

Sallu said that in his constituency in Mumbai, Priya Dutt (Congress MP) and Baba Siddique (Congress MLA) were the best people [which is why he'd vote for them]. "If you feel Modi saab is the best, vote for him," he told the people at the fest.

Salman did have more to say about the politician. "Today, I met Modiji for the first time. I hope we meet often. Modi is a great man and he is doing great for his state and I wish him all the very best in life."

He also praised the development in Gujarat. "I have not seen this sort of development elsewhere. Development of any nation is important. I hope people of every state love their chief minister like you do," he said as people cheered for him and Modi.

NaMo, on his part, was impressed with Salman too. He hosted a typical Gujarati lunch for the Bollywood star and tweeted, "Having Undhiyu for lunch with Salman Khan. Undhiyu is a Gujarati delicacy and is a must-have during Uttarayan!"

The Gujarat Chief Minister and Salman then flew kites in the Ghatlodia area of Ahmedabad. The CM tweeted later, "It was good to see Salman Khan trying his hand at flying kites! He flew the kites well." 


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