When Salman Khan Kicked Shah Rukh Khan Out of His Room
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When Salman Khan Kicked Shah Rukh Khan Out of His Room

The actors reminisce about their early days

Bollywood is a strange cauldron of relationships. Where ties are good one day, they can as quickly become sour the next day and even malicious on the third.

The history of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s relationship has been somewhat like that but not necessarily in the same order. It's almost been 20 years since Shah Rukh and Salman have shared screen space together. They started as buddies, had a fallout and the gears shifted to a different direction and now, they have let bygones be bygones and have decided now to become brothers-in-arms!

Their big reunion on Bigg Boss 9 sets is possibly one of the most anticipated episodes everyone across the nation is looking forward to!

As reported in an article in Deccan Chronicle, while filming for the episode, Salman couldn't help but recall an interesting incident from the times when he was shooting with SRK for Karan Arjun. The story was about how SRK’s snores kept Salman and others in the room awake when they settled down to relax after a hard day at shoot!

Salman said, “One day, a few guests came over to stay with us. So, Shah Rukh shifted to my room, which I was sharing with Sohail (Khan) and Bunty Walia. All of us slept in the room on our beds. SRK fell asleep early and the way he started snoring." To which Shah Rukh interrupted, "I was down with nasal congestion. I had sinus that time. I don’t snore much."

Bhai added, "It was hilarious to hear him snore in the beginning. However, it got too much for us when SRK’s snores started getting louder and louder. And then we had to kick him out." SRK had a witty comeback to that, "I don’t snore now that much. You may test whether or not I still snore by sleeping with me after the show gets over."

There’s the famous SRK wit we love! We do hope they remain friends now!



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