When Pulkit Samrat's Wife Shweta Rohira and Yami Gautam Almost Got Into Fisticuffs
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When Pulkit Samrat's Wife Shweta Rohira and Yami Gautam Almost Got Into Fisticuffs

Oh! This must have been so embarrassing......

Junooniyat stars Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam’s alleged fling is old news now. Whether it was projected as a publicity stunt or for real, it has sadly had no effect on the film’s success at the box office. It was the same fate for Sanam Re as well, their first film together. But let us tell you about how this massive showdown happened between Pulkit’s wife Shweta Rohira and alleged girlfriend Yami Gautam in the early days.

As per a report in SpotboyE, Shweta had accompanied her husband to the film’s location (Shimla) because back then, everything was just fine between the two of them. We hear, a few days into the shoot, Shweta started noticing that Yami was trying to get a bit too friendly with her husband. The actress’s friendly overtures continued in the gym, where the trio worked out together. But since Pulkit didn’t respond, she let it be.

However, as the suspicion built up, Shweta was convinced that something is brewing between Pulkit and Yami.

Then one day, Shweta confronted her husband’s co-star in the gym and what followed was an ugly showdown. “You think I will take your husband away?” Yami asked Shweta in the middle of their heated argument. Shweta allegedly, almost slapped the actress, but held herself back and asked Yami to ‘get out’ of the gym.

The report also stated that Yami later apologised to Shweta, saying she had said hurtful things in the heat of the moment. Pulkit also consoled his wife and promised her everlasting love.

Little did anyone know how things would turn out eventually! Pulkit and Shweta are separated and the actor has just done a second film with Yami.


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