When Lata Mangeshkar Dubbed Kavita Krishnamurthy's Song - Blast from the Past
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When Lata Mangeshkar Dubbed Kavita Krishnamurthy's Song - Blast from the Past

The film was 1942 -A Love Story and Lata Mangeshkar sang one of the most beautiful numbers that had initially been sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy

She is the  undisputed  empress  of all things melodious and  beautiful  in  our universe. Lata Mangeshkar sings, the  others  attempt to sing. I  don’t say this. A great  music composer  of  the past, Sajjad Hussain, said it.

And  yet once, just once, Lataji ended  up dubbing   a  song sung  earlier in  another  voice. The  song was Kuch na kaho  from Vinod Chopra’s 1994 romantic epic 1942: A  Love Story. Lataji only  re-did  the  song because R D  Burman had  personally asked  her to sing the  1942 number  before  his untimely death.

Speaking  about the  re-recording  Lataji  told me, “I had the privilege of singing in his last film as a composer 1942: A Love Story. He sent me a  message to sing. But then he passed away. I sang his song  after he  was gone. Sadly I couldn’t sing Kuch Na  Kaho during his lifetime. When I  recorded it  without Pancham I  felt  terrible. I wish he was there when I recorded the song. Such  is  life. Ironically  after a long  period of hardships  1942 was a  success for Pancham.”

Apparently Vinod Chopra couldn’t get over the fact that  the Nightingale  was singing for him.  In the  absence  of  the much-missed  music composer  Chopra, during the  recording,  kept asking for her to do  re-takes. Lataji finally said, “No. I think the song is fine.”

And she walked out. Unfortunately Kavita Krishnamurthy  decided to create a stink about being  eased out of the song.

“I  know Lataji is  the goddess. But I  feel I sang it well,” she cribbed to me, forgetting that she  got her first major break in playback singing because of Lataji.
The song  Tumse Milkar Na Jaane Kyon in the  film   Pyar Jhukta Nahin was recorded in Kavita’s voice  as Lataji was unavailable. As per the norm, the song came to Lataji for  the  final recording.  Lataji  heard  the  number  as rendered by Kavita  and said, “Kavita has  done a fine job. No need  for me to re-do the number.”

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