When Kangana Ranaut was RUDE to Randeep Hooda…

When Kangana Ranaut was RUDE to Randeep Hooda…

Kangana Ranaut has always been outspoken and honest. Subhash K Jha goes down memory lane to revisit the time when a young Kangana had completely snubbed Randeep Hooda
When Kangana Ranaut was RUDE to Randeep Hooda…
Kangana Ranaut and Randeep Hooda…

When recently  Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli lashed out at Randeep Hooda calling him, among other things, a permanent  failure, I  suddenly remembered my lunch appointment  where, very foolishly , I had invited both Randeep and Kangana together. This  was  soon after Kangana’s Gangster had released. I was very impressed. And Kangana was  very  grateful for  my  praise. She  was keen to  meet me , and I her. During a visit  to Mumbai, I  invited her to lunch at the Marriott. But I also invited Randeep who was at that time  a friend and already an established name.

Randeep arrived  first. And  Kangana  joined us later. This was  the  first time we had met, Kangana and I, and she  seemed very excited talking fast and  furiously and eating well too.

I was very impressed by how dexterously she  could eat and talk. Randeep observed the talkative  livewire  carefully, not saying much. But then the acting teacher within Randeep suddenly surfaced and he  began to give (unsolicited) gyan to Kangana about acting, how to speak her lines, whom to work with, etc  etc.

At first Kangana was quiet. She then  interrupted him in a shrill voice, “I don’t need your advice on  how to run my career.”

Ouch! I think the  people at the next table  heard her. I  didn’t know  where to look. So I looked intently at  the malai  kofta on my plate. The lunch  went  downhill from there, and we  rapidly wrapped  up our meal and left.

Randeep was of course, understandably hurt. But not as much as Kangana who  called me the same evening and gave me a tongue-lashing, “Sir, why did you have  to invite someone else? Next time when we meet, please don’t invite a third  person.”

She was right. During those days  I really appreciated  Kangana’s bluntspeak. She would say exactly what she felt and didn’t care who it was. About one of her  leading men her comment  was, “Dilli ke mithai ke dukaan wala lagta hai.

I still don’t know what it means. But  I am laughing as I write  about her description.  Yes, Kangana you used to be fun. What happened  to you?