When Gulshan Grover Defeated Saif Ali Khan
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When Gulshan Grover Defeated Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan finds the veteran actor the fittest in the industry

While shooting for the film 'Bullet Raja' in Lucknow for an action scene Saif Ali was required to chase the villain played by Gulshan Grover with a pistol amidst traffic and people. The scene was not on a set and a real location was chosen. Of course, many assumed that given the age difference between Saif and Gulshan, the 'Omkara' actor would have no difficulty in catching up with the senior star. In fact, sources say even Saif felt that the sequence may not look realistic on screen.

He reportedly came up to Gulshan and said, "Sir I am going to run full force" to which Gulshan threw a challenge – he asked Saif to give his best shot and try to catch up with him.

The entire sequence took three days to shoot and Saif was not even able to get close to Gulshan! When the shoot finished Saif, say insiders, hugged Gulshan Grover and admitted that he was indeed the fittest senior he had ever worked with."

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