When Dharmendra Did A Kissing Scene With Dimple Kapadia - Blast from the Past

When Dharmendra Did A Kissing Scene With Dimple Kapadia - Blast from the Past

Dharamendra did a rather bizarre scene in a trashy film that left a bad taste in the mouth for his co-star Dimple Kapadia

Dharmendra, apne Dharam Paaji, is one of the kindest and most compassionate souls in Bollywood. So what was  he thinking when he did a smooching scene with  Dimple Kapadia in a long-forgotten trashy film called Dushman Devta released in 1992? This was a period when Dharamendra did a lot of bad films that could be said to represent the worst of the 80s and early 90s. 

First of all, Dharmendra never did a smooching scene before or after this one exception. Secondly, he couldn’t have  been unaware of the fact that Dimple was in a long-term relationship with his son Sunny Deol, so in principle Dharam Paji was almost kissing his son's beloved.

So what really happened? Why did he agree to this embarrassing and  totally uncalled-for dirty deed in a film so bad  that even the director Anil Ganguly must have forgotten it? Apparently, the story goes that Dimple wasn’t informed about the  kissing scene with her boyfriend’s father.She was as taken aback when  it happened  as  the audience when they saw the grotesque act of unforgivable intimacy.

Dimple was so upset with this exploitative and humiliating violation of her space (akin to what Marlon Brando did to his very young co-star Maria Schneider in The Last Tango In Paris) that she refused to  dub for the  film.

As for Sunny Deol who hero-worships his father, I wonder what he made out of his father’s bizarre behaviour.Perhaps some day he will share his  thoughts with us. Because we  haven’t a clue as  to why the affable  Dharmendra  did such a  thing.

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