When Aamir Khan Carried a TIFFIN to Shah Rukh Khan’s Party
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When Aamir Khan Carried a TIFFIN to Shah Rukh Khan’s Party

Aamir Khan narrated a funny incident when he carried his own food to a party thrown by Shah Rukh Khan at his house with another important guest in attendance

Aamir Khan has been known to go to extreme lengths to maintain his fitness levels. During the making of Dangal,  he had put on weight and had developed huge muscles in a short span of time to suit the role of a wrestler. His six pack was even talked about during the release of Ghajini. However, to achieve this kind of fitness, it requires huge discipline and that’s what Aamir appears to have in oodles. If you don’t believe us, ask Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri who were witness to his dedication!

In a recent interview at a book release event in Mumbai, Aamir Khan revealed that he once carried his own tiffin box to a party hosted by his friend Shah Rukh Khan. The reason: he was on a strict diet and did not want to cheat even a bit! Shah Rukh’s wife, Gauri was dumbstruck when Aamir took out a tiffin box when she said, "Khaana Khaake Jaiyega" (please eat before you go home from the party). Incidentally, this was a party where the Apple CEO Tim Cook, who had come on a visit to India, was also  in attendance. One wonders what would have been Cook’s reaction when Aamir took out his own tiffin!

At the press meet of the book on fat loss, Aamir was quizzed about how he maintains such a strict diet for roles. He was even asked to elaborate on his fitness regimen. A media person then asked him how he maintained his diet when, as an actor, he had to attend lavish parties where the food would be amazing. That’s when Aamir coolly replied that he carried his own food to these places so that he would stick to the diet recommended by his nutritionist.

Here is recording of what Aamir said. Watch it, it’s hilarious.

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