What's Your Favourite KWK Episode? Here's Ours

What's Your Favourite KWK Episode? Here's Ours

It has been a rather dull season of Bollywood’s favourite chat show. But there were episodes that were simply juicy and brought out the best (and worst) in our stars. As the season comes to an end, we rate the best moments on this year’s Koffee With Karan.
What's Your Favourite KWK Episode? Here's Ours

What makes Koffee with Karan so appealing? Is it the host, the witty and controversial Karan Johar? Is it the unmitigated gossip session that goes on for an hour? Is it the chance to see the otherwise prim n propah boring celebs let their diplomatic selves down and chat like we do with friends? Or is it the vicarious pleasure of seeing A-listers crack subtle and not-so-subtle digs at each other, giving rise to entertainment headlines for the rest of the week? We think, it’s a combination of all of the above factors that make this chat show so much fun to watch.

However, this season was different for several reasons. For one, many commentators felt it was a tad bit dull compared to the previous years primarily because the stars themselves seemed to have become more diplomatic than before. There were no episodes like the infamous Sonam-Deepika one where Ranbir Kapoor was roasted. There were no sessions like the one where Aishwarya Rai was in a fiery mood. And none whatsoever like the year where Rakhi Sawant who brought the house down with her chutzpah.

But there was one factor that made this year’s KWK stand out – it was perhaps the most controversial of all seasons. Almost every episode gave plenty of fodder for opinion writers to churn out pieces analysing statements by the celebs. Also this was perhaps the only time when the shoe was in the other food. Karan often puts celebrities on the spot with smart wordplay bringing out frank confessions. But can anyone recollect the number of times the filmmaker himself got a chance to taste the bitterness of his own brewery? Here are our best picks of this season of the infamous chat show when celebrities rocked the couch and roasted Karan on his own show!


Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar made for a fun and sassy episode on KWK. Mrs. Funnybones showed who’s boss by stumping the host and BFF KJo on more instances than one, making us hope she soon thinks of a chat show of her own.

Stumped! #AnUnsuitableBoy

When Karan admitted to Twinkle that she was the only girl he ever fell in love with and she suggested that it might have been because she had a moustache during that time. 


When these two brats of Bollywood decided to have ‘koffee’, they made sure to bring along their Besharam and Befike attitudes that got the ball rolling in one of the most entertaining episodes of season 5. 

Stumped! #Karan-Ran #Literally 

When Karan tried to interrogate Ranveer on his relationship status, the boy replied asking if Karan was Facebook.

Karan also unfortunately decided to showcase his pair of blingy shoes on the show, to which Ranveer asked, “Is that the budget of Dostana 2?”


When these two Bollywood style icons made an appearance on KWK, we hoped they would never run out of Koffee and the rib tickling episode would go on for a little longer. Kareena made sure she got along her wit to give the show just what it wanted! 

Stumped! #KapoorAndDaughters 

Before Karan could even start discussing Kareena’s adorable fashion choices throughout her pregnancy, she jumped to diss him about his poor choice of airport footwear!

Kareena went on to stump the host asking him ‘why he was everywhere?’ referring to her mother constantly finding Karan on television!


This unconventional pair graced the KWK couch and they made sure to put their most entertaining sides on display as they ragged the host on his own show. 

Stumped! #FlowerPower

Katrina criticized Karan on the layout of his show. She mentioned how Karan misguided his guests  telling them that the format of the show was that of a casual friendly chat, when instead, his intention was to judge celebs making them feel bad eventually.

The otherwise reserved Katrina suggested that if the show was meant to be a casual chit-chat, the couch ought to be smaller and Karan needed to be sitting closer to his guest!


Last but not the least, if there was anyone we thought was single handily enough to rule the couch it had to be Kangana Ranaut. The Bollywood queen left no chance to put Karan in the tightest spot he’s probably ever been in, while Saif chose to amusingly look on! We aren’t sure if Kangana will be invited on the show again, but much to our happiness, she’s given us enough sass to last a lifetime. 

Stumped! #WhosTheRealQueen

Kangana reminded Karan of the time he made fun of her English which she took in her stride to achieve success without any linage in the industry.

The actress went on to confirm that if she ever had a biopic, Karan would play the typical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders. She later went on to call him the flagbearer of nepotism who had managed to create a movie mafia.

She blamed Karan to be the one who gave her the most attitude in the film industry.