What's with the accent Priyanka?
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What's with the accent Priyanka?

She's said to have put on one in Dubai

Priyanka Chopra is normally pretty cool so we are rather amused by the news of her "fake" accent at the recent Atlantis opening in Dubai.

Reportedly, on seeing foreign crews and Hollywood celebrities, Priyanka starting talking with an accent. Now, that was totally not needed!

Interestingly, during the Femina Miss India training, the beauties are taught to talk with an accent at international beauty contests. A former Miss India, Priyanka probably put this training to use at the Dubai event.

But we would say Priyanka need not put on an accent as she otherwise speaks perfect English.

Interestingly, our desi actors are so impressed by the Atlantis event that we have heard that many Bollywood stars are upset that they were not invited to the big party in Dubai.

And guess what? It's been said that Hrithik Roshan touched Robert De Niro's feet when he met him there while Farhan Akhtar was in complete awe of the Hollywood legend. He has now sent DVDs of his movies to De Niro.

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