What's The Real Age of Milind Soman's Much Younger Girlfriend?
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What's The Real Age of Milind Soman's Much Younger Girlfriend?

The buzz around Milind's relationship just doesn't seem to die down!

Milind Soman’s relationship has been creating quite the buzz of late. With the model/ actor dating a girl much younger to him, people are divided on their opinion on the age gap in their relationship. The actor has however refrained on addressing the topic of discussion until now.

Unfazed by all the debate surrounding him, Milind is busy enjoying a holiday with his girlfriend, Ankita, and if his Instagram posts are anything to go by, the duo seem to be having a great time. Besides the fact of them being involved in a relationship, people have also started debating Ankita’s real age. According to recent reports on entertainment portals, Milind’s girlfriend is 22-23 years old and her real name is Sunkusmita Konwar, not Ankita. 

This fact came about after India Today revealed that Sunkusmita has been working with an airline as cabin crew since 2013, and the minimum age to get that job is 18. Hence, according to their report, she is actually 22-23 years old. While Milind hasn’t commented on the recent rumours surrounding his relationship, he had earlier spoken of Ankita once saying, “I don’t really worry about competition in anything because basically, it’s about me. And if it’s a relationship, it’s about both the people. And I don’t consider age at all for anything — whether its relationships, fitness or health or whatever." He added, "When you grow older, you realize that all that matters is the connection between two people. What the other person’s dreams are, what they do, what they want to be, that’s their business and you have to give them space for that.”

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