What's Cooking? Sidharth Admits to Sizzling Chemistry With Jacqueline Fernandez
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What's Cooking? Sidharth Admits to Sizzling Chemistry With Jacqueline Fernandez

The actor spills the beans..

Another film that this year that received mixed reviews from audiences, was Sidharth Malhotra’s A Gentleman. The sizzling duo, Sidharth and Jacqueline went to lengths to promote their film and one thing that caught everyone’s attention was their chemistry and how good they looked together!

This was further proved when the film released and their crackling chemistry was all over the screen, with critics and audiences praising the pair, instead of the film itself!

During a press conference for A Gentleman, when Jacqueline was asked about her experience starring opposite Malhotra, she said, “It's easy romancing Sidharth on screen. Super easy” Aww!

Similarly, when Sidharth was questioned about his experience romancing Jacqueline, he said, “It was lovely, easy. The energy she brings in, she makes everyone very comfortable. There is no ice-breaker moment required with Jacqueline. As soon as she meets you she is as warm and as friendly and I think we have done many activities, car driving in action, doing action in the house, doing tough schedules, hectic schedules in Miami, Bombay, different cities. I've never seen her stressed out so I envy her actually, so I have a kind of thing I wish I had that magic potion that Jacqueline has drunk."

Wow! Is it just us or do they seem to get along like a house on fire! What did you think about the film, A Gentleman?

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