What Should One Expect From Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt's New Channel!
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What Should One Expect From Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt's New Channel!

Here's a low down into the upcoming English GEC, in Alia's own words..

Alia Bhatt, though fairly new in the industry, has already made quite a mark in tinseltown. The 22-year-old’s charming persona and good looks paired with her epic performances has earned her many admirers, media included! As per usual, Alia has been playing her cards right and has recently paired up with her mentor and friend Karan Johar in another exciting venture. 
The duo has been recently announced as the co-curators of content for an upcoming English GEC, Colors Infinity. Being possibly one of the youngest stars in the industry she believes she was roped in o be a representative of the youth. When asked what to expect of this channel this is what the Student Of The Year had to say, “As a curator, they’re looking at the creativity I can bring. What we can bring in terms of international content. Like reality television for example. I’ll be like, let’s do something like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Or let’s include something like Impractical Jokers. It’s up to them to accept it or not. Like sci-fi shows are big with the youth, so I said, let’s put in The Flash.”
Moreover, Alia added that the idea that they’ll air new shows, three episodes back-to-back, in particular is what she loves. "Put something you can pace out, like a good book, consume how much you want to. I think we’re calling it essential viewing and not binge-watching." 
Now that Alia has the responsibility of a curator of a TV channel, naturally media people had to ask what her favorite TV shows were growing up, "Tom & Jerry definitely. And since I’m a cat lover, I was always on Tom’s side, FRIENDS and Bigg Boss. I love Bigg Boss."
Interestingly, in the Bhatt household the lounge serves a specific purpose so the young star has to stay in bed if she hopes to catch up on her favorite shows! "Living room has no television. You have to sit there and talk," she tells DNA.
The channel brings in the best with over 100 blockbusters, TV series and more than 200 awards between them. Spanning genres such as Drama, Superheroes, Comedy, Fantasy, Crime and Thrillers from major studios like Warner Brothers International TV, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Television, Twentieth Century Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, BBC and Endemol Shine amongst others – you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice!
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