'What Kind of Person Goes to a Party Uninvited?': Katrina Kaif
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'What Kind of Person Goes to a Party Uninvited?': Katrina Kaif

The actress sets things straight about the Tamasha wrap up party.....

A series of events and circumstances have recently revealed a very tongue-in-cheek and fiesty Katrina Kaif. We're referring to the actress's reaction to certian media reports that she was in fact allegedly keeping an eye on her beau Ranbir Kapoor and his ex Deepika Padukone at the Tamasha wrap up party. Certian sections of the media also reported that she apparently turned up uninvited! Ouch!
In an exclusive interview with bollywoodlife.com Katrina Kaif very uncharacteristically shed her so called shy, reserved and somewhat of an introvert persona and revealed a completely new side of her personality! 
When asked if she was indeed at the Tamasha wrap party, Katrina quipped, “Is it true that I went? I didn’t go. Honestly if you ask me, I’ve been so many years in the industry and everyday I hear a new rumour about myself, it’s irrelevant to me. You work ya, I am happy doing my work if little things come in the paper it’s fine. But what I wonder is when I apply my mind to it, who is the person who has come up with this? Is this a person who loves negativity in life? Do they want to be unhappy? Do they want us to be unhappy? Paper mein aaya, I came in to the party uninvited… First of all, what kind of person goes to a party uninvited? Secondly, it’s not a party, it’s a wrap party for a movie that I am not in, why am I going to be there? If it’s a success party then ya definitely I’ll come and 100% I’ll come because I am a huge Imtiaz Ali fan. Thirdly, if I would have gone, you really think that people would have not been nice and happy? I mean c’mon ya, we are all nice, grown-up, civilized people. Fourthly, the other way that we can think of it is that I was so involved in my character in Phantom where I am spying in the film right, I was SO involved in my character that I forgot and went to that party to spy on him. So, you you can choose whichever answer you want!”
That's the new Katrina Kaif for you!
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