What is Priyanka Chopra Planning After Marriage to Nick Jonas

Here is what the desi girl who has conquered the west likely to do after her big fat wedding
What is Priyanka Chopra Planning After Marriage to Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Here is what our desi bride, India’s glamour and pride, is NOT  planning. She won’t change her name to ‘Priyanka Jonas’ or ‘Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ or, corniest of all, ‘Priyanka J Chopra’

Both the bride and her groom are brand names. And so they shall remain. Name unaltered. However, everything else that can possibly change, will change for  India most dynamic export to the West. For one, Priyanka will spend even more time in the US. There is more reason for her to do so, you see. She will, of course, keep popping in an out of Mumbai. But career-wise there is not much for her left to do in Bollywood. She has played the gamut of roles that Bollywood has to offer. She cannot be paired with any of the A-list heroes, for many reasons. Suffice it to say she is sizing larger in stature now that  Bollywood can accommodate.

Here is where Priyanka will achieve that diasporic crossover in the truest sense. She will form a business partnership with her husband that will extend the spectrum of her creative activities and give her new avenues to explore. I  suspect acting won’t be a primary concern at the moment. Music may perhaps take a more prominent position in her career than movies, as both Jonas and Chopra are into music and singing. Just how they will explore their individual vocal space as a couple remains to be seen. From what I hear,  Priyanka wants to produce a lot of global music, which need not communicate her cultural antecedents.

In an informal chat with me, Priyanka had once mentioned what she wants from the West. “And it needn’t be what the West wants from me. I  don’t want to do what is expected  in the West from Indian and Asian actors-musicians.”

Sure enough Quantico, or for that matter, her brief role in the Hollywood production A Kid Like Jake does not put too fine a point on the colour of her skin. Nor did she have to speak brown-memsaab English in a singsong voice to earn brownie points from the West, the way  Hollywood expects Indian actors to speak.  Priyanka has truly liberated the Indian actor from the need to be  “Indian”. While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is undoubtedly a global icon her glamour is embedded in exoticism in the West.  Priyanka is just plain darned sexy in a very cultural-unspecific way. I think she will now tap into that ‘Nowhere’ quality in her personality to get somewhere specific in her career. From what  I hear, Nick and Priyanka are planning to set up a  business empire devoted to generating and marketing entertainment software.

Rest assured, the newly wedded Mrs  Jonas won’t waste a moment of her time in looking around for opportunities. They are there for her asking. She will play a  global part in the American entertainment industry in the way Anupam  Kher never can. She needn’t play ‘Ms India’ to pander to the Western need for Oriental obliqueness. She will ride the waves of her egalitarian cosmopolitanism without ever losing sight of her desi roots. That American accent which comes and goes depending on whom Priyanka is talking to, is nowhere stay. Go green with envy, all you Bollywood begums. Priyanka Chopra now has the green card and the unfettered soul to go with it. I can’t wait to see what she does with the freedom that marriage brings to her remarkable life.

Go forth, Mrs Jonas. We are watching you.