What Happens to Housefull 4 After Nana Patekar and Sajid Khan’s Harassment Accusations?

Sajid Khan has already stepped down as director after he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women
What Happens to Housefull 4 After Nana Patekar and Sajid Khan’s Harassment Accusations?
Nana Patekar, Sajid Khan and a still of Housefull 4

For one of the most successful producers of Bollywood, the time to take a stand has come. Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, so far happily sitting on the fence in the sexual  misconduct allegation levelled at his actor Nana Patekar and director Sajid Khan, in the underproduction House Full 4, silence was no longer an option.

Though there has been no official notice, the shooting of Housefull 4, two of whose major participants are  accused of sexual misconduct, the  shooting  of this comedy has been  postponed. One hears Nadiadwala will remove Sajid Khan’s name from the credits  and  replace him with Farhad Samji who co-directed Housefull 3 for Nadiadwala.

Nadiadwala’s House Full director Sajid Khan, a close friend  of the producer,  is now being called out for gross  sexual misconduct  by several women. Nadiadwala is being  forced  to take  a stand This, he is loath to do. Says a source close  to Nadiadwala, “It is a very tricky situation for  him, When Nana Patekar was named  (as an alleged harasser) silence was an option that Nadiadwala exercised. But now with his director Sajid Khan being accused of  misbehaviour  by  many women Nadiadwala is pushed  into a corner.”

Sajid Khan and his sister Farah  are  close friends of Nadiadwala. Additionally, Aamir Khan has opted out of Mogul,  the  bio-pic on music baron Gulshan Kumar since the  director Subhash Kapoor stands accused of  rape, thereby showing other potential projects featuring tainted artistes, a way out.

What  options does Nadiadwala have? “Well, he can remove Sajid Khan’s name as  director. But Sajid and his sister Farah  Khan are very close to Nadiadwala. If he removes Sajid’s name from House Full 4 he would effectively be closing down Sajid Khan’s career. If he doesn’t take action against Sajid Khan, Nadiadwala would  look as tainted as his namesake,” says the source.

One hears Nadiadwala will seek his best buddies, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar’s advice on the matter. Akshay also plays the lead in Housefull 4. Akshay had already released a statement taking the high moral ground, saying he wouldn’t want to work with those accused of sexual harassment.