What Happened When Shah Rukh Khan's Happy New Year Trailer was Launched in Dubai...Virtually
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What Happened When Shah Rukh Khan's Happy New Year Trailer was Launched in Dubai...Virtually

It was supposed to be the event of the week... only, it didnt exactly go as expected

Let’s face it. We dote on Shah Rukh Khan the talker as much as we adore Shah Rukh Khan the actor. So imagine our excitement when the superstar decided to hold a video interaction with Dubai scribes the day he launched the trailer of his new release, Happy New Year. The venue was Atlantis the Palm, where a substantial part of the film has been shot. Khan, not unexpectedly, was running late by three hours as a number of press interactions ensured every journo worth his pen got a headline-worthy byte from him. We, on the other hand, got an exhausted Shah Rukh gathering every bit of stamina his 48-year-old body can afford him to answer each question. Endearing, indeed but had the superstar not spoiled us scribes routinely with his brand of witty answers, perhaps we would have been happy with what he had to offer this time.

 It has almost been a year since Shah Rukh Khan shone at the box office with Chennai Express grossing more than Rs 200 crore. Is he under pressure to surpass that record? “I don’t take either success or failure seriously. I don’t think in terms of numbers. The pressure is on Deepika,” he joked.  

 Happy New Year is also an important film for its director Farah Khan who needs a hit after the debacle that was Tees Maar Khan. Yet, the filmmaker would have us believe that commercial success is, well, incidental to her scheme of things. “I don’t think I consider cinema in terms of box office. I am a cinema child. My entertainment in life comes from movies.” Political correctness? Actor Boman Irani, however, chose Farah the director over Farah the co-star (remember, Shireen Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi?). “She’s a woman in a man’s world and she teaches a man how to do a job better,” he said.

As for the rest of the cast members, Deepika Padukone was, expectedly, the sight for sore eyes. Abhishek Bachchan cracked up occasionally. Farah Khan did a good job of being the teamleader. But it was Sonu Sood and Vivan Shah who looked most energetic and enthusiastic while interacting with the press. Apparently, the grand premiere of the film will be held in Dubai on October 22.

The film’s trailer was launched on WhatsApp today. Each character has its own Twitter handle now. The starcast will soon leave for a worldwide promotional concert. Surely, we have not seen the last of either Shah Rukh Khan or Happy New Year yet. For next time, however, will the real Shah Rukh Khan please stand up? We surely missed you this time! 

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