What Does Kajol Regret More: Signing Dilwale or Rejecting Durga Rani Singh?
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What Does Kajol Regret More: Signing Dilwale or Rejecting Durga Rani Singh?

The actress, we hear, is rather disappointed with the choices she's made with her comeback

That entire harp about Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan’s onscreen magic was wasted on an average, run-of-the-mill film like Dilwale. The film rolled on with an ensemble cast and with as much bang as possible, but died without a whimper after its rather tepid response at the box office. SRK had openly spoken about his disappointment regarding the same, but now we hear that his leading lady Kajol too feels the same.

A recent report in Pinkvilla said that the actress was quite disappointed with the film’s response and did not take the matter lightly when SRK joked about the film at a recent award show. Kajol is the kind of actress who believes in whatever she does, even if it does not work. Moreover, since it was SRK who convinced her to do the role in the first place, Kajol thought it was unfair to ridicule it. Well, Kajol is still sporting enough to admit that it was all in good humour.

Kads has also lost out on other interesting work because of Dilwale. Incidentally, she had passed on Durga Rani Singh, just so that she could work with SRK and Rohit Shetty in Dilwale. Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh’s film is about a powerful woman, a role that would have given the actress a chance to display her true talents.

Durga Rani Singh was finally offered to Vidya Balan. But then Bollywood is very transient, things get undone as quickly as they are done! Wonder what Kajol has up her sleeves now!


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