What Caused the Alleged Spat Between Shraddha Kapoor and the Makers of Baaghi?
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What Caused the Alleged Spat Between Shraddha Kapoor and the Makers of Baaghi?

The actress may have found herself in a spot of trouble with the makers

Shraddha Kapoor seems to have been bit hard by the stardom bug. The actress, after a good festive season break, returned to shooting for Baaghi opposite Tiger Shroff. And looks like, she was not quite prepared to get into hard-core work mode, for the petite ABCD actress’s starry tantrums surfaced on her very first day of resuming shooting!
It so happened that the team was shooting at a remote spot in the city but the production team ensured Shraddha could travel comfortably. They had hired a taxi for her; however the road leading to the shooting spot happened to be in a very poor condition. Sources report that the actress wasn’t too happy with the service and when the driver refused to drop her to the exact point, but suggested she walk a short distance to the shooting site, she blew a fuse! 
Left with no choice, Shraddha did walk to the sets but there she proceeded to give the makers a piece of her mind! After her tirade, things took a turn for the worse, further damaging the situation. So much so that eventually father Shakti Kapoor had to intervene and play peacemaker. We’d like to think Shraddha wasn’t behaving like a thoroughly spoilt brat – in fact the current Mumbai heat could test the patience of a saint!
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