What Actually Happened Between Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi
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What Actually Happened Between Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi

Soumyadipta Banerjee tells you everything you need to know about the first controversy in Kangana Ranaut's career

Kangana Ranaut is back in the news and she has spoken at length about her fracas with Hrithik Roshan. But much before the Hrithik episode, she had suffered an abusive relationship with the much-older Aditya Pancholi. The actress referred to this in her recent interviews with journalists Rajat Sharma and Barkha Dutt. This was a controversy that had shaken the industry and even journalists covering the story were shocked at the brutality of it all. We bring you details about the first controversy in Kangana Ranaut's career.

Both Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi describe this episode as the darkest days of their lives. While Kangana told her friends that she learnt to move on after making a horrible mistake at the age of 18, Aditya Pancholi said he had lost money and faith after he broke off with Kangana.

Till date, Kangana and Aditya’s affair and messy break-up remains as one of the juiciest scandals Bollywood has ever seen.

While there’s no doubt that Aditya was instrumental in bringing Kangana to Bollywood, the latter endured much public shame in the way he abused and accused her of usurping his money. Here is how the story unfolded, much of which has been taken from Pancholi’s taped version of an interview he gave after the two had broken off. Kangana has not contested these facts till date.


Date: June 27, 2004, Place: Juhu-Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai

It was a rainy day in Mumbai. Aditya Pancholi was sitting in his car on one side of the road. He was supervising the construction of a building for a friend who had gone to Dubai for some work. It was raining so heavily that the road was empty. The downpour prevented the actor from stepping out of his car. With one of the car doors open, his eyes began wandering off out of boredom. He wondered if passers-by recognised him.

On the other side of the road, a thin and fair girl was sitting on a bike under a roof of a shop with a friend. She was drenched. They both seemed to have emerged from the Asha Chandra Acting Institute situated nearby and were stuck in the rains. It was the guy who spotted Aditya sitting inside the car and nudged the girl to look at him. Minutes later, the girl walked out from the shade, crossed the road and stood in front of Aditya. She said, “Hi, I am Kangana. I want to talk to you.”

Aditya looked at the girl. Pale looking, the toll of struggle was beginning to show on her face. That day, they just exchanged phone numbers. But the pale face and the attractive eyes remained with Aditya.


It started with a phone call – a phone call from a struggler, who was a very beautiful woman. There was no way that Aditya could have ignored the call. Aditya says that Kangana kept calling him and pleaded if she could meet him again. Aditya didn’t agree at first, but later relented as he was as keen to meet her again. They met at a coffee shop at Khar and the meetings never stopped after that.

Within a month, Kangana had shifted from the PG accommodation where she was staying at, to a fairly large flat in Andheri that belonged to Aditya’s friend. In her recent interview with Barkha Dutt, Kangana said Aditya gradually made her drift apart from her friends she was sharing a flat with. Soon, Aditya left his wife and children and moved in with Kangana. That is when the film industry became aware of Kangana as the latest girl in Aditya’s life.

Aditya’s wife, Zarina Wahab called up her friends to confirm as Aditya had stopped coming home and soon realised that she had lost her husband to Kangana. She allegedly told her friends that she wouldn’t react to it. This encouraged the relationship to grow further. By now, it was 2005.


Aditya started to introduce Kangana to filmmakers and took her out to filmi parties. Though she didn’t bag any significant project then, everybody in the industry seemed to know about Kangana. Aditya startted looking for an apartment where they could move in together, since Kangana finally got some offers.

It was during this time when Anurag Basu offered her the role of Simran in Gangster. Though it was said that Kangana’s pictures were passed around by Aditya, the actress herself said in numerous interviews that Basu had spotted her in a cafe. Whatever it was, Kangana clinched her first Bollywood film which turned to be her big break! A year passed by when Kangana started shooting for the film while still living in with Aditya.


Date: October 5, 2006, Place Rispana Colony, Dehradun

A perverted guy throws acid on Rangoli, Kangana’s sister who was staying in Dehradun. Her sister was saved by a whisker and Aditya swung into action. This was the first acid attack in Dehradun’s history.

Aditya rushed to Dehradun and got the guy arrested. He also arranged for Rangoli’s treatment and later shifted her to Mumbai. The actor told Kangana that he would foot the bills of her surgery. But it was from this point that Kangana’s relationship with Aditya started hitting a rocky patch. They started fighting frequently. Aditya used to get jealous because Kangana was increasingly coming close to other stars in the industry.

In Aditya’s own words, there was once a violent fight with her when she had returned from a schedule in South Africa where she was shooting for a film titled Shaka Laka Boom Boom. Aditya hit her. From here on, it was just a matter of time before they would break up on a violent note.


Date: May 5, 2007, Place: Andheri, Time: 11 pm

The fights had reached such a proportion that Kangana moved out of the house. It was not clear where she was staying. Aditya had become too possessive and Kangana wanted to break free from him. Besides, Gangster had also made her a star by this time. But nothing prepared Kangana for what was coming next.

Aditya relentlessly chased Kangana when she tried to break free from him. Probably out of possessiveness, he apparently kept calling her on her mobile. It was one of these calls that ended up with both abusing each other. Kangana was at a party and Aditya decided to come there and confront her. Kangana somehow sensed it and beat a hasty retreat from the venue. She called an auto-rickshaw to go and hide at a friend’s place. But Aditya chased her in his car, stopped the auto-rickshaw in the middle of the road and forced her out of it. Kangana was slapped and abused in the middle of the road for almost half an hour before Aditya sped off.

A harried Kangana called up Additional Commissioner of Police (West) Bipin Bihari. Bipin didn’t pick up the call. He, however, replied to her text messages and advised her to go to the nearby police station and lodge a complaint.

Kangana went to the Versova police station and lodged a complaint against Aditya, who, the very next day, lodged a counter complaint. Both complaints were filed and probed by then police inspector of Versova Police Station, Mohan Shanke. What followed was a media circus and an end of a love story that was never meant to be.

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