"What A Shame": Shatrughan Sinha on Media Reporting of Sridevi's Tragic Death

"What A Shame": Shatrughan Sinha on Media Reporting of Sridevi's Tragic Death

The actor recalls his association with Sridevi and condemns the insensitive coverage
"What A Shame": Shatrughan Sinha on Media Reporting of Sridevi's Tragic Death

Shatrughan Sinha

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Veteran actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha  who  is in  London, is very distressed by the ill-mannered handling of Sridevi’s death  by a section the media.  “The bathtub brand  of  journalism that was  visible on the electronic medium at a time when the nation was plunged  into  grief  was highly traumatizing for the Kapoor family and very distressful for the nation . The entire focus  shifted from Sridevi’s art and craft  to some wildly speculative level. Instead of showing sensitivity towards Boney and the family a section of the media milked the tragedy for TRPs. What a shame!”

Shatruji recalls his own professional  association with Sridevi. “I think it  was in 1988 that I  did my first film as a leading man with Sridevi. The film Sherni revolved around her character. It was produced  by my secretary Pavan Kumar. The only reason I did it was  to get an opportunity to work with the amazing Sridevi. According to me, she was  a complete artiste. She could do any kind  of  role. In Sherni she played  a  dacoit for the  first and  only time. She was terrific in the  film. I was  given the thankless role of the  police inspector to bring her in. She  played the sherni I  played the bakra.” Shatruji  thinks Sridevi was as adept at her role as a mother as she was  as  a professional actress. “What an amazing mother she was  to her two daughters Jahnavi and Khushi. Unko apne aanchal ke neeche bada kiya. Sridevi brought up her daughters  to be good decent human beings. Now  with her gone I wonder how the girls will  cope on their own. Of course Boney Kapoor is a good father to his daughters. Lekin Maa toh Maa hi hoti hai. She went away without seeing her elder daughter’s debut film.”

He again condemns the electronic media for sensationalizing Sridevi’s death. “Instead  of  showing sensitivity towards these  young daughters  of the deceased actress they began to build hypothetical  highly speculative theories on how Sridevi lost her  life just before her daughter’s debut in  the same way that Boney’s first wife lost her life just months before her son Arjun Kapoor’s death. This isn’t journalism. It is  muck-raking  of the worst  kind.”