What 2015 Holds For Bollywood's A-Listers

What 2015 Holds For Bollywood's A-Listers

Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava on what the new year will bring for top Bollywood stars
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What 2015 Holds For Bollywood's A-Listers
Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor
Date of Birth:
 Tuesday, September 28, 1982
Place of Birth: Mumbai

Ranbir Kapoor will remain at the peak of his career. Wedding bells may ring in July or December. He seems to be compatible with Katrina Kaif and marriage is not likely to change anything professionally for them. He will take the big screen by storm with at least three blockbusters, and will continue to win more hearts with his versatility.

Deepika Padukone
Date of Birth: Sunday, January 05, 1986
Place of Birth: Copenhagen

Is marriage in the cards for Deepika? Well, this mystery will be solved in 2015. Her chart indicates that she is inching towards a long-term relationship. Mars has moved out of her way and Saturn and Venus are turning out to be in her favour. An old relationship will cover her up and happy days will start. She will continue to be a successful actor.

Salman Khan
Date of Birth: Monday, December 27, 1965
Place of Birth: Indore

With the blessings of Saturn, the Bigg Boss host will continue enjoying professional success and growth in 2015. There might be some legal hassles and health may just be a concern for him in the new year. This year is likely to finalize all his cases, he may go through the punishment from court in the year 2015. 

Shah Rukh Khan
Date of Birth: Tuesday, November 02, 1965
Place of Birth: Delhi

King Khan will see another good period of growth and success in 2015. His right leg may hurt between August and November. Saturn’s blessings will add more fans to his list. He will be in the news for some unusual act in March and July. This is likely to be a good year for him.

Shahid Kapoor
Date of birth: February 25, 1981
City of birth:- Delhi, India

Success awaits him in the new year. His personality is likely to change and he will gain fame and see success in 2015. April onwards, one can expect him to be in a relationship. Overall, 2015 is going to be an enlightening year for the Haider star.

Anushka Sharma
Date of Birth: Sunday, May 01, 1988
Place of Birth: Bangalore

The actress got her first blessings during Saturn’s transit in the last week of 2014. In the new year, she will continue to be in the news for her romantic relationship. Marriage with Virat Kohli does not seem to be in the cards this year, but November onwards the chances are high.

Parineeti Chopra
Date of Birth: Saturday, October 22, 1988
Place of Birth: Ambala

Professionally, she will have to struggle to get good work. Mars is contentious in her chart and this indicates health problems as well. The months of August and October will be crucial for her. But overall, 2015 will be an average year for the star.

Randeep Hooda
Date of Birth: Friday, August 20, 1976
Place of Birth: Rohtak

2015-16 will be the best years for Randeep Hooda. His health and career will see a new high. He is likely to even make it to Hollywood’s A-list. November will be the best month for him. However, he might be in the news for his relationships, that could potentially become controversial.

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