We're Inspired By Rahul Bose

We're Inspired By Rahul Bose

Inside the unconventional actor's unusual world

Rahul is not your conventional B'wood actor. His conviction about his films, penchant for experimentation and involvement with social causes sets him miles apart from the rest.

Why we're inspired
He is often called the 'thinking woman's hero'. But ask Rahul Bose to describe himself and he says, a tad self-deprecatingly, that he is 'short and ugly'. However, his looks don't really matter as what makes Rahul special is his ability to straddle different genres of cinema and his affinity to take on tough roles. He has been rightly credited as one of the torchbearers of the 'new wave of Hindi cinema' with Time magazine once describing him as 'superstar of Indian arthouse cinema.' Rahul's success isn't limited to his prowess in front of the camera; a highly-skilled rugby player, he is also a philanthropist and one of the few actors who isn't shy of taking a strong stand on issues.

Facing Rejection
"Along with my friends I had applied to 18 American universities. All of them got selected but I didn't," recalls Rahul about his teenage years. "At 18, this was a major blow to my ego. I had to settle for Sydenham College. I attended college for about 60 days in three years; for the rest, I'd always have a medical certificate ready!"

Describing college life as 'unbearable', Rahul says he found comfort in theatre and rugby. "My mum introduced me to rugby and boxing; it helped me get through my graduation years!" he adds.

Sports soon became a passion for Rahul who won a silver medal in boxing and, later, went on to captain India's rugby team. But he hadn't given up on his US dreams. "During the final year of my graduation, I applied to The Tuck School of Business, New Hampshire. But once again I couldn't get admission," he reveals.

How did Rahul get past this setback? What was the incident that completely changed his life perspective? What drives him now? Meet the real Rahul Bose only in the new issue of Masala! magazine.

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