We're Inspired By Javed Akhtar

We're Inspired By Javed Akhtar

His real-life story is perhaps his most interesting script

Be it his relationships, activism or his contribution to literature, Javed's life story has been exceptional.

Why we're inspired
Javed Akhtar's first job in Bollywood was that of a clapper boy and he later progressed to writing dialogues for a small film where he was paid a meagre Dhs8! But hard work and dedication coupled with tremendous talent saw him rise through the ranks to become one of the industry's most acclaimed artistes.

Early Struggle
Javed, who was born in Gwalior, arrived in Mumbai on October 4, 1964 and found work as a clapper boy on the sets of a film called Aaj Ki Baat. "Like lakhs of Indian kids, the Bollywood bug bit me at a young age," he recalls. "I fell in love with the movies when I watched Dilip Kumar's Aan. At 19, when I was selected as a clapper boy, I was thrilled! So what if all I did was fetch the hero's jacket or carry the heroine's sandals? I was just happy to be on the sets."

He was then hired to write the dialogue of another small film which unfortunately flopped. It more or less ended his writing career but soon Javed began assisting various directors. It was during one of those stints that he met his future writing partner, Salim Khan. Along with a group of other young writers, the duo started working with Sippy Films as resident screenwriters.

How did Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan become Bollywood's top scriptwriters? What led to their split? How did Javed reinvent himself as a lyricist? For more on his inspiring story, get your copy of the latest issue of Masala! magazine.

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