'We're Here to Assist Geeta in Finding Her Roots': Kabir Khan
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'We're Here to Assist Geeta in Finding Her Roots': Kabir Khan

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan director says that he and actor Salman Khan are all for uniting Geeta with her family in India.

When Kabir Khan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan's writer Vijayendra Prasadji, wrote the film's script never once did they imagine that the story could actually turn out to be bizarrely true!.
The impact of the film is far more deep and far-reaching than anyone involved with the film could've fathomed. Relocating the sitaution og the film, a 16-year old girl named Geeta, claiming to have strayed from the Indian border to Pakistan as a child, has surfaced across the border just like the film. 
An article in bollywoodhungama.com by Subhash K Jha throws further light on the matter.  The writer quotes director Kabir Khan in the article, "Except for the fact that in my film the girl strays from Pakistan to India and here in real life Geeta's journeyed in the opposite direction, everything else that is happening seems like out of my movie. I had heard how truth is stranger than fiction. But this is beyond anything Salman and I ever imagined." 
"What is heartening is that Geeta saw the film and then decided to connect with India to seek her roots. Would she actually be able to retrace her family in India after so long? I have my doubts. So many years have passed, since she stayed away from her home. Now, when she's suddenly so visible on the television channels, it is discouraging that no one from India is coming forward to claim Geeta." 
Though the director says that he was inspired by the story of a Pakistani couple who brought their little girl to India for heart surgery, he is all for uniting the uniting the real Munni with her Indian family.
Expressing his concerns, he says,"But where are her relatives? Where in India is she from? She points to both Jharkhand and Telangana on the map. But does she really know where she comes from? We're here to assist Geeta in finding her roots."
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