Weekday Blues? Here Are Five Incredibly Hot Bollywood Boys To Make Today REAL Better

The BEST Bollywood Bodies in Boys? Now this is a list we REALLY liked making. We went through EXTENSIVE research to find out the best Bollywood bodies
Weekday Blues? Here Are Five Incredibly Hot Bollywood Boys To Make Today REAL Better
Hot Bollywood Body List Incoming!

We must admit this is our favorite kind of research article. This is one of those times when you really look forward to doing your job. Because all we did was look (and thirst) over the many (MANY) hot Bollywood boys before we came up with this final and very definitive list. (No, we're joking, there's plenty more where this came from and we can't wait to start on the next list!)

Ranveer Singh:

Did he make you wonder if anything in the world was as gorgeous as his body in Ram Leela? As he walked down to Leela wearing that lowly strung around his waist? Did he make you just want to cry with how gorgeous he was? Because same.


Hrithik Roshan:

Ever since this green eyed Greek god danced in that netty black shirt to Ik Pal Ka Jeena, we’ve been the smitten kittens. It doesn’t matter when he’s in Dhoom or Agneepath. It doesn’t matter even if he’s wearing one of those gorgeous turtlenecks that don’t leave much to the imagination. We know that his body is heavenly and we can’t get enough of it.

John Abraham:

Dimple, check. Abs, check. Swag, check. Poster boy for hotness in Bollywood, check.

Varun Dhawan:

This young boy has everything Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum would have gone for. Good looks, good looks and good looks. Not to mention those killer abs you could play drums on. Not only is this young boy exactly the kinda millenial everyone would thirst for, he's also supremely talented!

Salman Khan:

You know how people complain that Salman Khan takes his shirt off every chance he gets? Those people are stupid. If it were up to us, Salman Khan would never wear shirts. Ever. When you’ve got looks like that and a body like that, the only motto should be – if you got it, flaunt it.

What are your favorite Bollywood boys when it comes to bodies? Let us know in the comments.