Wedding Season Special: How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower For Your BFF

Wedding Season Special: How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower For Your BFF

If your best friend’s big day is coming up soon, learn how to easily plan and host a memorable bridal shower for your soon-to-be-hitched best friend

Bridal showers, originally a European custom, have become a popular pre-wedding event around the world, even in some South Asian circles, which already have many pre-wedding festivities but have been inspired by the depiction of bridal showers in Hollywood films. The bridal shower is generally an intimate evening with female friends and some family members, such as sisters and cousins. It usually involves gift giving, dancing, games and occasionally some other form of entertainment. Sisters and close friends are involved in planning a bridal shower, which is often a surprise. If you are also planning to host one, here are some details to keep in mind to make this day perfect for the bride:

Plan in a group

Get a small group together, which could comprise the bride’s sister, closest cousin and other friends. This will help make the process smooth as each person can be given a specific responsibility and do what they’re good at, while making the planning time- and cost-efficient, as each person can help out with shortlisting vendors, finding party supplies, communicating with guests, etc. 

Choose a theme

While Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, the theme needs to be something the bride will enjoy — consider her preferences for food, games and other entertainment — and all the colours and decor should be according to the selected theme. As you know the bride so closely, try to personalise things as much as possible instead of going for the most common themes and games.

Pick a date

This will obviously be done taking into account when the bride and her close friends are free, and also if there are any special out-of-town guests who need to be at the shower.

Be careful with the guest list

If the shower is not a surprise, you can get the guest list directly from the bride. Otherwise be cautious about who you invite, so that there won’t be any unwanted people at the shower. 

Decide on the invitation format

Look at the guest list and see if you need to do both paper and e-invites or WhatsApp messages and phone followups, if some of the guests are not active online or don’t check their email regularly.

Create a shower schedule

Plan out how the event is going to run and how it will transition from one activity to the next, allowing sufficient time for people to relax, socialise and enjoy the food and entertainment.

The bridal shower doesn’t have to be overwhelming and costly (unless you want to splurge). By planning in a group, you may be able to find everything, from venue to catering options and party supplies at a reasonable cost, as people can pool in their contacts and resources. The venue can be your or someone else’s house and costs can also be shared so that the burden doesn’t fall on one person and the shower can be classy and fun for everyone. Most importantly, it should be something that bride thoroughly appreciates, enjoys and will remember forever.

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