WHAT? Dubai To Feel Like 64 Degrees C?

Brace yourselves for the heat!
WHAT? Dubai To Feel Like 64 Degrees C?

Just a couple of weeks back, it was almost 50 degrees Celsius in Dubai. But according to recent reports, temperatures across the UAE will peak at around 45C over the next few days, but the soaring humidity will make it feel as if it’s almost 64 degrees.

Reportedly, humidity will reach around 90 per cent according to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology, with winds of up to 20 kilometres per hour.

Temperatures in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are will be between 26C and 45C throughout the day.

According to reports, it’s the internal areas of the UAE that will record the highest actual temperatures, with a maximum expected of around 48C. Humidity in Dubai is set to reach 88 per cent, while Sharjah will peak at around 92 per cent over the next 24 hours.