We Want to Provide Exposure to Fashion Bloggers: Mohammad Mondal

We Want to Provide Exposure to Fashion Bloggers: Mohammad Mondal

The founder of We Trend Style, an online community for bloggers, designers and fashion lovers
We Want to Provide Exposure to Fashion Bloggers: Mohammad Mondal
Mohamed Mondal

Like most desi parents, Mohammad Mondal’s family too preferred a secure career for their son and wanted him to major in Electrical Engineering. That was Mohammad’s idea as well but a few years in the US changed his thinking and exposed him to the world of fashion. He decided to switch careers, and soon, armed with a degree in marketing, Mohammad returned to Dubai and set up We Trend Style – a unique online community that brings bloggers, designers and fashion enthusiasts together. Tapping the vast power of digital media, Mohammad, a Bangladeshi by origin, plans to be the bridge between the East, Middle East and the West. We chat with the entrepreneur on his unique venture... 

How did the idea of starting We Trend Style come about?

The idea started with the help of my business consultant Adnan Arif and fashion designer Wajiha Tariq. They asked me to explore the lookbook.nu website where bloggers from around the world come together and showcase their style and discuss their favorite brands. In this website I came across a handful of other Dubai based bloggers which led to my journey in finding more bloggers from this region. Our aim is to provide exposure to bloggers through a platform similar to lookbook.nu especially considering how social media has changed things for fashion.

Can you tell us more about the fashion bloggers night you started?

My purpose of hosting fashion bloggers’ night was to gather bloggers under one roof in glamorous settings with entertainment. This way they can all meet and greet in a relaxed ambience and discuss potential future projects. Also, at these events I try to invite brand PRs so that bloggers can meet their favorite brand representatives and discuss potential collaborations.

How connected are you to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country I have only known as my vacation destination, where I get to escape the city life and also keep in touch with close relatives. But I am a huge fan of Asian women designer clothes because they have various colours, fabrics and embroidery designs to choose from. I especially admire Anita Dongre from India and Arong from Bangladesh.

How can our textile heritage be marketed better in the West?

There is a great interest among western women for our rich colours and heavy embroidery patterns. We must introduce eastern colors and embroidery on western outfits. Another way is to reach out to PR agencies in the west that will turn your new designer collection into a brand by doing celebrity red carpets, fashion magazine cover shoot, a full page article, exhibitions and heavy social media promotion. We Trend Style provides such services with the help of our PR partners in the US.

What’s your advice to budding fashion designers in the UAE if they dream of making it in the West?

I have realised that the best designers are those who have had passion for designing since childhood. This goes back to the theory of my favorite author Malcolm Gladwell from his bestselling novel Outliers where he talks about the theory of 10,000 hours. He discusses successful public figures who all had the 10,000 hours of practice in their profession that made them the world’s best. So my advice to designers is to not be satisfied with the bare minimum but try to achieve your 10,000 hours of designing and creating from the heart to see amazing results.

What are your plans for We Trend Style  in the near future?

a. To be the blogluvin.com of the Middle East.
b. Launch the first fashion bloggers magazine.
c. Be the best PR agency for new designers emerging from this market to the West.

d. Provide manufacturing and production solutions for all new upcoming designers with the help of our factories in Bangladesh.