"We Knew What We Were Getting Into": Producer Prernaa Arora on Anushka Sharma's Pari

"We Knew What We Were Getting Into": Producer Prernaa Arora on Anushka Sharma's Pari

The horror film opened to good reviews but a low box office score
"We Knew What We Were Getting Into": Producer Prernaa Arora on Anushka Sharma's Pari

Anushka Sharma

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Predictably the supernatural thriller Pari has opened on a lower note, and is gradually showing an improvement in the collections. Says the film’s co-producer Prernaa Arora, “I am very happy with Pari. I am proud of the film. After my partner Arjun N Kapoor and I launched KriArj we first produced Rustom with Akshay Kumar Sir. Right after that, we partnered with Anushka for Pari. It’s a film very close to my heart. I was always an admirer of Anushka Sharma’s work. To be able to join hands with her and her brother Karnesh to produce Pari has been a pleasant experience .And making this film has been such a smooth journey. After Padman, Pari has been the easiest film to produce. It’s a product of true partnership.”

Interestingly the film’s co-producer Pernaa Arora attributes the lower opening collection to the ‘Adults’ censor certification. “I recovered my investment even before Pari released. I believed completely in Pari. We chose the horror genre which we knew would regrettably, exclude family audiences and children. We knew what we were doing. Pari is not an average horror film. We were aware of making an adult production.” Prernaa describes it as product of the team spirit. “I must say our partner Zee Music was very supportive. From Day 1 they knew what kind of music suited the film. We couldn’t have songs all over the narrative. Pari is not a happy film. My producer partner Anushka Sharma was very clear that she was not going to promote the film, like other films. Because Pari is a unique film.” Pari is Prernaa Arora’s first production that didn’t star Akshay Kumar. “But I felt his presence throughout the making of Pari. He was very supportive all through. I took all my teasers and trailers to Akshay Sir. He was encouraging. He is proud of Pari. But of course I missed him being on board an actor and producer, so much so that I’ve decided that as much as possible, my future productions would be in partnership with Akshay Sir’s Cape of Good Hope production.’ Says Prernaa enthusiastically, “I feel with Pari we’ve re-invented the horror genre. Anuhka Sharma has shown a great deal of courage in co-producing such a dark film and by playing one of the darkest characters in Hindi cinema. Pari is the first of its kind. We are also very proud of the debutant director Prosit Roy.”

  So more horror coming up from KriArj? Laughs Prernaa, “Of course we will return to the supernatural/horror genre. But not right away. We at KriArj believe in breaking the mould constantly. We will do something completely unexpected next. We don’t go to find films. Films find us. Pari just happened.”
Anushka Sharma and Prernaa Arora are co-producing another film. “Anushka and I are joining hands to co-produce another film. Before Pari, the horror film that I liked was Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot. So I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre. We are very happy with the box-office numbers of Pari. This being a heroine-oriented film and an Adult film at that, we’re very pleased with the way it has been received."