"We Are Getting Married!": Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha

"We Are Getting Married!": Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha

Check out what gorgeous couple Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha are planning!

There is a sense of calm that envelops Dia Mirza when you meet her. Perhaps it's got to do with the fact that she has finally found her calling in life. The stunning actress has begun work on her second production venture 'Bobby Jasoos' starring none other than Vidya Balan. On the personal front, she shares a beautiful relationship with long-time beau and business partner Sahil Sangha. Though the wedding bells are still far away for this couple, they have no complaints. Work keeps them together and they ensure that they get quality time away from the sets as well. Masala! got chatting with the lovely Ms Mirza on matters of the heart and films even as Sahil played the supportive boyfriend to the hilt giving his own take on various issues

How different is it to work with Vidya Balan after the two of you worked together in 'Parineeta'?
Dia: Before the shoot of 'Parineeta' started, I remember sitting with the director and meeting Vidya who was the 35th person to give the look test for the film. Several other aspiring actresses had already been auditioned before her but then finally she got selected. Even then, she was warm, effervescent and lovely. I really enjoyed working with her in 'Parineeta' and loved her in the film. She was just breathtaking. We have always shared a very cordial, affectionate relationship. I remember when we worked together in 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' we chuckled about how each time we did a film together, it became a hit (smiles).
I have sat next to her during award ceremonies, praying hard before the final announcement for the Best Actress trophy, and each time I have been jubilant when she received it. Vidya's journey has been truly remarkable and I give credit to her resilience, faith and belief in what she wanted to do. So we have this emotional connect. I have high regard for her as an individual, and she shares the same for me. Her father is very fond of me; he has said some wonderful things to me. Her family has always reached out to me. I enjoy that relationship.

Sahil: Arjun Kapoor and I have worked with Vidya on 'Salaam-E-Ishq' as assistant directors. We absolutely loved Vidya; she has remained the same. During the shooting of 'Salaam-E-Ishq', she was warm, easygoing. And this continued even once the film ended. She has a good, positive aura around her!

How is your production house, Born Free Entertainment doing since its inception in 2011? What is your professional chemistry with Dia like?
Sahil: Born Free Entertainment will complete three-and-a half years and things have gone well. It is very important in any relationship, personal or professional, to make sure that you respect your partner for who he-she is. Dia and I have both stood the test of time. I think our chemistry is very organic. We sit and develop stories together. In principle, we more or less share similar convictions, beliefs and values. The stories we are drawn to are quite similar so the conflicts that arise are creative in nature. Of course, when we have our differences, we scream at each other and sulk! But then we get on a common ground and move forward in a healthy manner. We have been very lucky. I hope things remain like this!

Would you agree that opposites attract?
Sahil: I strongly believe that opposites attract only in the short run. In today's day and age we say we have too much work and very little time. Your basic human values need to be aligned. We are headed in the same direction. With Dia having been in the industry for such a long time, she has fantastic connections and exposure. But all these advantages would be useless if you are not humane from inside. And Dia is a beautiful person inside-out.

Dia: You seem to be smiling a lot (laughs)! I would like to add something to this. People might walk into this office knowing me or valuing the relationship they have shared with me at some phase in my career. But what I really enjoy is the love and respect they walk out with. Sahil and I share similar values and this is one of the reasons we celebrate our partnership. He has the leadership skills and ability to keep everybody together.

Zayed Khan who was once a part of 'Born Free' seems to be missing from 'Bobby Jasoos'. Was there a fallout?
Dia: When we started the company and made 'Love Breakups and Zindagi', he was an actor in the film, hence he was involved in the production too. Zayed comes from a film background and has an active in-house production house under his family banner Kingdom Films. When we worked together it was not expected that he would stick around as a producer in every film we do. I am sure, if we have another film and Zayed wants to be part of it or if he has less on his plate with his home production, he'll be more than welcome to come on board. He is like family to us.

'Bobby Jasoos' is an ambitious project. Did you, at any point, want to play the role that you have given Vidya Balan?
Dia: I am not self-indulgent; I am not selfish and I am certainly not stupid! We didn't have any particular actor in mind while we were writing the film. We just wrote it because we believed in it. Once the writing was over, we had a 45-minute discussion on who we should cast for the movie. The only name that cropped up was that of Vidya and we approached her. She has the reputation of spending six or seven months deciding whether she wants to do a film but she gave us a positive answer in one month! When we met her with the film, I knew she would like it. We had given it so much time and thought and as an actor, I knew there were certain nuances in the film that would trigger the right responses in Vidya.

Sahil and you have been dating for a while now. Why is it that your marriage keeps getting delayed?
Dia: We are getting married. It'll be a small, intimate ceremony with just family and friends. Wedding bells should ring early next year (laughs).

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