'We Are Actors, Not Vegetables': John Abraham
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'We Are Actors, Not Vegetables': John Abraham

Could Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone learn a lesson or two from the actor?

Industry pundits presumed that John Abraham would hike his price with the success of Welcome Back but he protests. “I was getting what I thought I deserved before Welcome Back. My price doesn’t rise and fall Friday to Friday. We are actors, not vegetables!” Well said, John.

The actor has moved to Budapest for the second schedule of Force 2, with Sonakshi Sinha, and is apparently getting royal treatment on location! The film is being shot at the Ethnographic Museum, where Tom Hanks shot for Inferno earlier this year. And John is getting ready for the shoot daily in the same green room that Hanks earlier used! Well, well we’re glad that good things are finally happening for John!

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