WATCH: Shah Rukh Khan Loses Cool during Reality show Prank
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WATCH: Shah Rukh Khan Loses Cool during Reality show Prank

King Khan is not one to mess with! Look at how he reacted!

Shah Rukh Khan popularly known for his wit and comic flare was recently caught off guard in a prank played on him on the infamous Arabic TV show, Ramez Underground, aired daily on MBC. Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal reportedly invited King Khan to be on the show, that was planned to be aired during the month of Ramadan.

The show, known to target celebrities was scripted to be staged in the Abu Dhabi desert and the trailer had already caught the intrigue of SRK fans.

Let’s first refresh your memory, remember the infamous Paris Hilton prank that left the heiress fuming, as she was made to believe that she was part of a deadly plane crash? It’s the same show we’re talking about here, expect that this time, they chose to mess with King Khan, and by the looks of it, that didn’t go too well!

The shows concept designed for the Shah Rukh Khan episode involved the channel inviting him with the pretext of an interview, followed by a desert safari. Now who ever refuses an experience of a desert safari in sand city right? Following that King Khan finds him sinking in quick sand with the assistant of the show and with a Chameleon approaching them from a distance. The true superstar that he is, SRK stayed calm during the crisis of the sinking sand and tried to save himself and the lady from the approaching threat.

Suddenly, expectedly for us but absolutely unexpected by SRK, the prankster Ramez pops out from the suit of the obnoxious lizard and he rest is history. Watch the expression on his face!

Well, all’s well that ends well, reportedly King Khan has forgiven the host and made peace.

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