WATCH: Karan Johar Reveals his Secrets to Alia Bhatt
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WATCH: Karan Johar Reveals his Secrets to Alia Bhatt

The filmmaker gets candid on his first ever Facebook Live chat

On the eve of his 45th birthday, ace filmmaker Karan Johar decided to arrange a little tête-à-tête via going Facebook Live with none other than his favourite Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt.

As expected and much to everyone’s delight, Karan made some fun, never-heard-of revelations, and boy was their interaction packed with a punch! Here’s a little snippet of all the fun that went down!

While many b-towner’s ridicule the whole paparazzi culture, Karan admitted to enjoying all that attention. He was quoted saying, “When I get out of the airport and see the cameras around, I feel so good from inside. I also give them the left profile, which is the best when it comes to photographing me. Although, I show that I am not interested, however, in real life, I actually feel good. When I see no paps waiting for me, I feel depressed.” And guess what! Alia seconded Karan on that one.

When quizzed by Alia about his plans launcAdmits toh any new faces in his films, Karan confirmed the news of launching 3 new comers! So we guess all those rumours about him launching Sara Ali Khan and Jahnavi Kapoor might have some reality to it after all!

The filmmaker admitted to being extremely touchy when it came to birthdays and people wishing him on his special day. Considering all the lavish celebrations over the years, we kind of figured that one out. He said, “I get really excited. I don't want to sound like cool and blaze that "birthdays don't matter - they come and go. It's just another day." No! I love it. I love the attention. I love the glory that surrounds it. I love the importance that comes with it. I love it all.” Full points for being so honest Mr. Johar.

True to his image, Karan Johar made sure there was hardly a dull moment in the whole 40 minute long chat. Watch the whole thing right here!

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