Watch: Kajol shares sweet Instagram video about her relationship with her daughter Nysa

Watch: Kajol shares sweet Instagram video about her relationship with her daughter Nysa

Nysa opens up about the close bond she shares with her famous mother

Taking to her Instagram account, Bollywood star Kajol shared a video with edited clips of herself and daughter, Nysa. The montage – made up of clips of the mother and daughter on holiday, at home and out in public. The video titled “Quarantine Tapes” is narrated by 17 year old Nysa who starts off by saying she is, “still trying to figure out” herself.

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Quarantine Tapes with my baby ! Thank you @pearlmalik22 for doing this !

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Speaking about her relationship with her mother, Nysa said, "I think me and my mom are very much like each other. She’s way more chill than I think she would ever admit. I know that both of us are really loud and that both of us don’t really have a filter.”

Kajol also comments on their bond, “"My relationship with Nysa started as her over anxious mother. You know we've gone through 'Let's scream at each other all day' kind of phases. I think we've settled down now into a comfortable, chilled out relationship with each other.”

Nysa also shared some advice she received from father, Ajay Devgn, “one of the pieces of advice that my dad gave me was my silence made me complicit. He always made me believe that I can do anything if I work hard for it.”

After the children of Bollywood stars have received a lot of attention recently, Nysa says, “I always feel that whatever I do, it reflects back on my parents and my every mood is under a magnifying glass. Honestly for all the haters out there, there are so many people who say such nice, sweet things about me that I don’t even feel like I really deserve."​

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