WATCH: Gauri Khan Teases Shah Rukh Khan’s Dressing Sense

Gauri Khan spilled the beans on who takes longer to get dressed for a party or an event in the Khan household
WATCH: Gauri Khan Teases Shah Rukh Khan’s Dressing Sense
Shah Rukh Khan with his wife Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

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Most men complain that their wives or better halves take too much time getting ready. However in Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s household, the problem is opposite- it is Shah Rukh who takes hours to get prepped while Gauri hardly takes 20 minutes. This was revealed by none other than Gauri Khan herself at an event in Mumbai. Bollywood’s first couple won The Most Stylish Couple trophy (deserving, we must add!) and it was while receiving the award that Mrs Khan made this revelation.

Later, she took to her Instagram and posted the same video, sharing her favourite moment from the event. In the video, Gauri spills the beans on Shah Rukh's dressing routine: that her husband takes hours to dress up whenever they are stepping out for a party.

This is what she said. ''For someone who's claiming that he has got nothing to do with style, I just have to tell you a little secret - whenever we are going out or stepping out for a party, I am usually out in 20 minutes, ready and perfectly on time, and he takes, maybe two or three hours,'' she said in her acceptance speech, when asked who takes longer to get dressed for an event.

Adding more to the Chennai Express star's secret, Gauri said, ''So, tonight I made a special effort and I took two-three hours and I think he took six.'' Here is the video, take a look:

We wonder what Shah Rukh Khan has to say to that!