WATCH: Dhanush Angrily Storms Out Of An Interview

WATCH: Dhanush Angrily Storms Out Of An Interview

Is the Suchi Leaks scandal still bothering the actor?
WATCH: Dhanush Angrily Storms Out Of An Interview

South superstar Dhanush and Kajol are currently busy promoting their upcoming Tamil-Telugu film, Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2 aka VIP 2. In the midst of all the interviews, it came to everyone’s notice that Dhanush, is still hung up over the Suchi Leaks episode. Remember the RJ-singer who leaked a series of pictures on her social media account (some of them being shockingly private)?

Dhanush’s life has been under some severe scrutiny off late. From speculation on his personal life to the pictures that were leaked on the social media account, the star has had a lot of explaining and clarifying to do ever since his life started to attract media attention.

Most recently, when Dhanush was interviewed on a television show, TV 9 Telugu, he was caught off guard with questions on the turmoil in his personal life, and the Suchi Leaks debacle, following which the actor abruptly stood up, and walked out of the show! Don’t believe us, take a look!

The interviewer first asked the actor about the kind of ‘mental agony’ he has undergone, referring to allegations and videos that were leaked. Dhanush tried escaping the question, trying to move on. Following that, she then asked him whether his “family life was at stake?” This did it for the superstar, who stood up, took off his mic and stormed out of the studio!

Until now, Dhanush and his family have maintained silence on all the controversies. Let’s wait and watch if he went on to speak about them in the show, once it airs! 

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