Wasn't Salman Khan Pleased with Kick Trailer?
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Wasn't Salman Khan Pleased with Kick Trailer?

Find out why Salman Khan reportedly changed the trailer

It is well known in Bollywood that Salman Khan likes to control his movies. Recently, he launched the trailer of his much-awaited film Kick but there is a story behind it. Apparently, Salman changed the original trailer because he wasn’t too pleased with it.

A tabloid reports that the original trailer was not used since Salman’s entry was visible only after 40 seconds of the video. At Salman’s insistence this was changed and his entry is now visible in the first 15 seconds. A source reveals, “Salman felt that making the viewers wait for almost a minute in the clip would dilute the impact of the trailer. He voiced his concern to Sajid (Nadiadwala) and insisted on an alternative trailer in which he makes a dashing entry within the first few seconds. Although this wasn’t the initial plan, everybody in the team agreed that this was best for the film.”

Interestingly, Salman also had a particular reason for selecting Jacqueline as his heroine. He says, “Jacqueline is a very simple girl. With her, there are no complications or tantrums which other heroines generally come with. I have never worked with girls who throw tantrums.” He further admits, “In fact, I myself have so many of them. How can you throw more tantrums? If I throw more tantrums, the producers will throw me out of the film!” 

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