Was Vyjanthimala and Not Waheeda Rehman the First Choice For Guide? - Blast from the Past

Was Vyjanthimala and Not Waheeda Rehman the First Choice For Guide? - Blast from the Past

Guide was a turning point in Waheeda Rehman's career but was she not the first choice for the role?

To imagine Vijay Anand’s timeless classic Guide without Waheeda Rehman in the central role of the rebellious Rosy is to imagine Agra without the Taj Mahal or Dubai without the Burj Khalifa. Some  actors are born to play certain roles. Like Dilip Kumar was born to play Devdas and Nargis was born for Mother India. Hard to believe that Waheeda Rehman was not director Vijay Anand’s first choice for Guide. Vyjanthimala was Vijay Anand’s choice. But Dev Anand who had a special rapport with  Waheeda ever since they worked together in her first film CID, wanted only Waheeda.

According to sources in the know, the two brothers were seriously divided on  this issue, so much so  that Vijay Anand almost quit the direction of Guide. The project was plagued with tussles from the word go. To begin with Dev Anand wanted  his elder  brother Chetan Anand to direct Guide. But he wanted his muse Priya Rajvansh to play Rosy. Dev quickly dropped Chetan and brought in Vijay.

But Vijay insisted on Vyjanthimala and would have opted out if Dev had not convinced him that Waheeda was the perfect fit. Both the divas were fabulous dancers and that was the first requirement for the  part. In addition the actress playing Rosy needed to be  a rangy actress who could convey a gamut  of emotions  from  pride, rebellion, regret to redemption. This is  where Vijay Aand felt that  Vyjanthimala  scored over Waheeda.

We  would never know if he  was  right  or not. Waheeda owned  Rosy’s role in Guide.We can’t imagine anyone being better.

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