Was the On-Screen Sonia Gandhi Harassed by Facebook?

Was the On-Screen Sonia Gandhi Harassed by Facebook?

German-born actress Suzanne Bernert who played Sonia Gandhi in The Accidental Prime Minister took to Twitter to complain how Facebook physically verified her to make sure of her identity

The Accidental Prime Minister based on the life of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, starring Anupam Kher that released earlier this year, was one of the most controversial films of recent times. And one character that received a lot of attention was German born actress Suzanne Bernert who played Sonia Gandhi. In a controversial move, it was revealed that the actress was physically verified by Facebook India to make sure of her identity. Her Facebook page was also briefly suspended during the verification process.

Suzanne who has been working in the Indian television and film industry for many decades is also married to fellow Indian actor and filmmaker Akhil Mishra. She holds the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card.

Suzanne says that she was surprised when she found officials of Facebook India knocking at her door. They demanded to see her identity and physically checked her address. Suzanne has a verified Facebook page like all Indian actors.

Here is the link to her verified Facebook page.

This is the first instance where Facebook India physically verified any actress in the sub-continent and such instances have never been reported before.

Suzanne shared her dismay and experience on Twitter while talking to a journalist where she said that her Facebook account was also checked for political content when she insisted to Facebook that she was merely an actress.

Here are her tweets:

She also revealed that her account was briefly suspended and it was turned on again after the verification process was over and she was given a clean chit.

Though she never directly said it, many users conceded that Facebook has never physically verified any address by suspending a page. Many users called it harassment.