Was the IPL 2020 anthem plagiarized? Here's the full story

Was the IPL 2020 anthem plagiarized? Here's the full story

The IPL 2020 anthem “Aayenge hum Wapas” is eerily similar to rapper KR$NA’s song of the same name which was released in 2017.

The start of IPL 2020 in Abu Dhabi is set to take place in Abu Dhabi on September 19, however, the popular cricket tournament is already mired in controversy after it's 2020 anthem has been accused of being plagerised from a song released in 2017.

The IPL released an anthem on September 6 which is titled “Aayenge hum wapas” or “We will comeback”. It was captioned, “The greater the setback…The stronger the comeback.” The 93 second video shows cricket fans all over the world dealing with life in 2020 and while the video has sbeen een over 445K views on Twitter Rapper, the song has been recieving backlash for allegedly being copied.


KR$NA, also known as Krishna Kaul, has claimed that the song has been copied from his rap song in 2017 which was titled “Dekho Kaun Aaya Wapas”.

However, the composer of the IPL 2020 Anthem, Pranav Ajayrao Malpe however denied the claim.

He said:

"‘Aayenge hum wapas' is an original composition created by me and my team through hard work and efforts. It has not been inspired by any other artiste's work. This fact has been confirmed by the Music Composers Association of India (MCAI). These accusations against me are completely false," Pranav said.

"Our only intention was to express the struggle everyone is going through due to the current pandemic situation and to give them hope and inspiration. I just hope everyone enjoys the anthem," he added.

So what now?

The rapper tweeted on Thursday morning, "I just got word that 'Music Composer's Association of India' has suggested that plagiarisation of Hip Hop songs is permissible in their opinion because all hip hop songs sound the same. Shabaash! Tumhara khoon khoon, hamara khoon paani," he added the hashtag #IPLanthemcopied to his post.

Further, the Music Composer's Assocition of India further said that:

"A genre or rap style however is not copyrightable and doesn't constitute plagiarisation. Hence the panel is of the opinion that there exists substantial difference between the compositions of both the tracks".

"Other than being of the same genre i.e hip-hop, there is no similarity melodically, harmonically or rhythmically in both the tracks," it added.

However, many in the music industry have spoken out on Twitter on the ridiculousness of the situation:

There's still no official statement from the IPL organisation or Hotstar Streaming service that owns the rights to stream the IPL matches.  

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